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Company Profile:
Anas Group Co is a Syrian company, owner of the brand internationally registered "Anas Chicken ® دجاج أنس" which has become thanks to God with goodwill and a wide level of satisfaction of customers on the Arab and European countries.
began its activity as an individual company in Syria - in the city of Jasmine Damascus and in the field neighborhood of Damascus since 1991 then it converted to a limited liability company in 2007 .
in 2013 began to spread outside the mother country Syria .
after thanks for ِAllah it's spread after Syria in both Egypt , Jordan, Iraq's Kurdistan region and Turkey.
Latest company news :
Our main branch in turkey :
~ Branch in Istanbul - Aksaray
~ new branch was opened in Asanyort city in Istanbul
~ A new branch in the city Taksim , Istanbul, , working on decoration
Recent international projects:
~ Master franchise Saudi Arabia - the first branch of Riyadh's was opened.
~ Franchise in Al Bahrain - Searching for a property
~ Franchise in Emirates - exclusively in Dubai - searching for property
The plans under studying For future :
Enter the European market