Our Branches

We are grateful for you visit, dear visitor, and welcoming you in our branches page. We would like to remind you that this list is a complete and exclusive list of our active branches.

Any branch which has not been listed in this page would be considered a non Anas Chicken branch, and we do not have any relation with any branch in any country in the world which has not been listed here, even if it used the trademark or the brand name of Anas Chicken Group, or if it claimed that it is a part of the corporation branches explicitly or implicitly.

We would be thankful for reporting any misuse of the trademark or the brand name by using the contact us form. Both of the trademark and the brand name Anas Chicken are registered locally and internationally in most countries and regions.


Aksaray, İstanbul

Yusufpaşa, Istanbul

Taksim, Istanbul

Kayaşehir, Istanbul

Eminönü, Istanbul

Hırka-i Şerif – Emniyet, Istanbul


Al-Midan, Damascus

Kafr Sousa, Damascus



United Arab Emirates